You on Upgrade
Professional training courses

Upgrade has always been aimed to research projects and experimentation on new technologies; to improve professional tools and to become them into training proposals. You on Upgrade is the professional training project organized at our Upgrade Points: a great opportunity to discover all Upgrade tools and to share all new performances. In our opinion training courses are essential for: increasing the professional level, enhancing the application techniques on tools and preparing the professional to approach concretely a world which always evolves. The You on Upgrade project takes shape from the continuous dialogue between researchers and trainers who look after tool perfection and techniques improvement.


Upgrade Training offer includes one structured path divided in first and second level: these steps are necessary to attend the third and fourth level specialization courses later. The new course is the ‘Extra course’ which is open to all, dedicated to the new Upgrade professional equipment. All Upgrade courses have the purpose to promote the growth of technical and professional skills oriented to working world needs and issue a certificate that attests the acquired skills.